Avery Brewing

CHDG’s design for Avery Brewing’s new all encompassing production facility presents that of a grand estate that, beyond the perimeter fencing, has structured outdoor spaces adjacent to open lawns, and layered plantings. The architecture is complimented with the use of manicured hedges, massing of year-round color and texture, and a simple tree planting that frames the entry, and offers shade to the expanded walkway and seat walls adjacent to the building.

Located directly off the southwest corner of the brewery, the patio is an extension of the restaurant. The result of this outdoor room within the gardens, is a sophisticated and quaint space that allows comfortable social gathering, and relaxed but luxurious dining. The warm element of fire adds to
the ambiance, and create spaces within the space. The use of vertical masonry, wrought iron, and tumbled pave stone, give the garden a sense of age far beyond its years. Large beam overhead arbor structures help to define the ground plane below, and offer relief from the elements.

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Client: Avery Brewing / COBURN Development

Category: Sustainable Design