Hangar 2 Lowry

Project was awarded top honors for the 2015 Colorado Urban Land Institute (ULI) Impact Awards in the Innovation category.

This 110,000 SF new Lowry development restores a historic Air Force hangar, while creating three distinct components in and around this Lowry landmark. These three key spaces work together to create a vibrant neighborhood gathering place. Hangar 2 is a place people truly come to gather, becoming the heart and soul of the Lowry neighborhood. The development includes boutique retail and office spaces, purpose-built restaurant spaces all featuring expansive patios as well as a weather proof storage facility.

The site includes an expansive beer garden totaling nearly 8000 square feet with 4000 of that being outdoor space. Most of the garden’s seating is outside at long, blond-wood picnic tables in traditional German style. Also notable besides the outdoor restaurant seating areas is the large festival space which regularily hosts concerts and farmers markets.

Location: Lowry, Denver, CO

Client: Larimer Associates & Hartman Ely Investments

Category: Recreational