Knight Center for Early Education

Opened in 2009, the Center for Early Education is comprised of Preschool and Kindergarten classes only. Supported by the “home” schools of Asbury, Cory, Slavens, Steel, University Park, Lincoln, and the DPS Gifted and Talented Department. The CEE offers students a hands-on, energetic, enriching, and developmentally appropriate program in a safe learning environment. The Learning Landscape concept is that of basic core learning concepts with and emphasis on community and science. The concept pulls from the symmetry and repetition found in a Kaleidoscope. The playground is unique in the sense that it functions primarily for those students between the ages of 2 and 5, but also opens up to serve potential future primary and intermediate level students as well as the surrounding community. Design elements include a variety of play surfaces including turf, engineered wood fiber, poured-in-place rubber, sand and hard surfaces. In addition to traditional play equipment, the playground also includes a mushroom storybook reading space, old hollow log, alphabet jump, large central plaza, and wavy tricycle track.

Location: Denver, Colorado

Client: Denver Public Schools

Category: Education