Valverde Elementary School

Valverde Elementary is a dual language community school that serves ECE through 5th grade students. Valverde provides a rigorous bilingual academic program that prepares all of its students for global citizenship in the 21st century. This community reflects the distinct social diversity found in America. The Learning Landscape concept is that of its name Valverde meaning Green Valley. The concept is representative of a mountain valley. At one point the playground was separated by an eight foot retaining wall that limited play and supervision. Breaking through this wall has created a variety of learning components. A large elevated and centralized plaza is used as a gathering space, as well as a performance stage. An elevated social space doubles as an overlook providing a complete view of the playground in all directions. The highest mountain summit from each of the seven continents is represented on stone cairns placed throughout the campus. A newly developed pedestrian corridor allows for safe access for students and community all while emphasizing the schools core values of Success, Achievement, Integrity, and Learning (S.A.I.L.).

Location: Denver, Colorado

Client: Denver Public Schools

Category: Education